Our mission:

Hoya House Hunters is a one stop shop for Georgetown undergraduates looking for off campus housing. We collect house details, reviews, and landlord contact information from seniors living off campus, and display it all on an easy-to-access map and spreadsheet intended for sophomores and juniors. A joint initiative of the Georgetown University Student Association (GUSA) and the Georgetown Student Tenant Association (GSTA), Hoya House Hunters is not affiliated with the university nor with local landlords –– we're a housing platform by students, for students. 

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Current Seniors, Living off campus? Click "REVIEW YOUR HOUSE" in the menu above. 

Current Sophomores or Juniors, Looking for off campus housing? Click "FIND A HOUSE" in the menu above. 

Questions or comments? Feel free to reach out to Georgetown Student Tenant Association at gstenantassociation@gmail.com